Happy Camp High School

Miscellaneous Policies

Open Campus

The Happy Camp High School has an “Open Campus” during lunch time only.  This means that students may not leave campus at any other time without an off-campus pass, including before school and between classes. Also when students are off campus during lunch they are under the jurisdiction of school rules and Ed. Code, just as if they were on campus.


Each student is issued a locker for his/her personal use as a privilege and is responsible for its appearance and condition.  Students are advised not to share lockers or exchange lock combinations.  The school does not guarantee the security of items in lockers, nor does it assure any liability for such security.


All visitors must report to the office. Parents are always welcome to visit classes. Stop by the office and sign in to receive your pass.  Persons other than parents will not be allowed to visit classes unless authorized by the principal.

Driving/Parking On Campus

Driving onto the Happy Camp High School campus is a privilege (not a right) that can be taken away, for cause, at any time.  Students must drive safely and park appropriately on campus.

Student Vehicles

Vehicles shall be parked in designated areas.  Students are not to go to their cars during or between classes unless granted permission.  The privilege of bringing vehicles on campus may be suspended.

Internet and Email Use

Access to the information service may be denied and you may be subject to disciplinary action.

Misuse can come in many forms, but it is commonly viewed as any message(s) sent or received that indicate or suggest pornography, unethical or illegal solicitation, racism, sexism, inappropriate language, and other issues.

The use of the information system is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will result in a cancellation of those privileges. The administration, staff, or faculty of Siskiyou Union High School District may request that the site administrator deny, revoke, or suspend specific user accounts.